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Zendaya’s fans applaud her performance in Euphoria, Season 1, and are eagerly waiting for season 2 to hit their screens.

The actress has played the role of an addict beautifully, connecting the audiences with her exceptional performance and dialogue delivery.

The actress is in the headlines for her amazing performance in Spider-Man: No Way Home as MJ. Her onscreen chemistry with Tom Holland makes their fans fall in love with this adorable duo. And since the rumors of them being involved off-screen hit the roads, the fans are dying to see the couple perform together in roles different than Peter & MJ.

It seems as if the brunette is thinking the same as she has revealed in a recent interview that she has been trying her best to convince the producers of her ongoing show ‘Euphoria’ to cast Tom Holland.

Adding Tom Holland to a teen drama seems amazing as the actor is known for playing Peter Parker and already has fantastic chemistry with the actress.

Apart from all this, many of his fans are hesitant to see the actor in such a dark light as this show is drastically different from his generally performed roles.

But, Zendaya seems to be adamant about having him on the show, counter-attacking such hesitations with a statement stating, “He did Cherry, (a crime drama movie, where Tom performed the role of a struggling veteran with PTSD), so he’s definitely not a stranger to darker roles.”

Even Tom Holland has shared his wish to work in the series Euphoria in December 2021 while promoting his spider man movie.
In a video, he told Zendaya, ” I want to be in Euphoria.”

So far, there is no proof of him actually starring in the show, but Zendaya happens to be trying her best to work again with her boyfriend in a different genre. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she commented on the likelihood of Tom’s appearance in the series and disclosed that they have “talked about it.”

Fans have crossed their fingers and hope to see this beautiful couple in a whole new and comparatively different environment.

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