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Zayn Malik has slams the Grammy Awards a few days before the ceremony, and his capture of the situation has turned positive online.

In January 2021, Zayn Malik released a new album titled ”Nobody is Listening’. The album was released after the eligibility deadline, so it was not considered for the upcoming Grammy Awards and people are against it.

After his tweet, it seems like, Zayn Malik somewhere has a problem with other nominations, and he is not happy about the situation.

The former One Direction member clarified her views on Twitter and personally called the Grammy Awards based on a ceremony, who knows who is who.

He tweeted:

“F*CK the Grammys and everyone associated. Unless you shake hands and send gifts, there are no nomination considerations. Next year I’ll send you a basket of confectionary.”

It is still debated whether ‘anyone is listening’ will be up for nomination next year.

Zayn’s frustration is likely due to the fact that he remains to win the Grammy as a solo artist.

Zine Malik’s first project, including Pillow Talk, was a hit song when it was launched. However, he was denied any nomination for this.

While on the other side, Harry Styles who is a former member of One Direction, has been nominated for three awards at the Grammys.

Zayn Malik slams the Grammy Awards Like Other Celebrities

Zayn Malik is not the first one who call out the Grammy Awards from the music industry for choosing their favourites artist. Back in November, The Weeknd also call out Grammy Awards similar to Zayn Malik.

The Weeknd’s latest album ‘After Hours’ was one of the hot songs of last year and received positive views across the industry, but did not receive a single nomination at the Grammy Awards.

After Hours’ ended, The Weekend posted a tweet on the subject. He Said:

“The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency…”

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At this point, the tweet has received over one million likes, a massive endorsement. Other artists such as Nicki Minaj and Drake were also supportive of the message as they felt they had snubbed in the past as well.

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