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Zac Efron And Vanessa Valladares Will No Longer Be An Item

Zac Efron
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The sources confirm that after dating a year by Zac Efron And Vanessa Valladares they both no longer an item. One of the sources from the High School Musical actor confirmed the report for their breaking up and also confirmed that they both are now over and have also given a reason for their broken relationship.

And moreover, the information leaks in the market after a day only when there break up was there and the news automatically makes a way to the media and is now out in the public.

Moreover, Zac’s friend Kyle Sandilands also made things clear about the relationship as he cleared the fact to the media that their breakup does not any more rumors and the fact is true. He said that “I can confirm this after just speaking with him yesterday. It is only recent, but not, like, yesterday. But they have gone their separate ways… No drama, but it is done.”

The reports suggest that the new ones meet over the summer and began love in the month of September. And for a time, they both look happy in their relationship and were also living happily too.

However, the reason for the breakup turns out to be that Zac Efron’s work schedule was so busy that he was not able to work it out and was not able to give time to his relationship anymore.

His friend Kyle said that: ‘They spent a lot of time with one another when he was not working, lunching and living in mansions on the beach. It is a fabulous life. But then work comes back and kicks you straight back into reality, so it is a shame.’

As all the fans know that Zac and Vanessa both met at the Australian town of Byron Bay and the lady was waiting tables at a local cafe.

And at that time, the actor was gone for a shoot for the series on Netflix and there they met off accidentally, and then love happened.

Soon, after their meeting, they were spotted many a time dating together and in their relationship at no point of time it was seen that they are not happy but this is life and every life has problems.

And that’s was all the updates about Zac Efron.

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