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YouTube has disabled picture-in-picture mode for iPhones.

After nine months, the trial of the feature commenced, and YouTube has disabled its experimental picture-in-picture mode for its iOS app.

In August 2021, The streaming video service YouTube enabled Picture-in-Picture on iOS as an “experimental” feature for the app. By April 2022, YouTube has decided the feature isn’t worth keeping around.

Previously visible on the page, the experimental feature has been removed. There is also no option to disable or enable the feature in the app, while the website states it has “been turned off.”

Despite being disabled, some users are still able to use this feature on YouTube. 9to5Google says some users who previously enabled the feature can still enjoy Picture-in-Picture until the app completely disables it.

Not all YouTube users could use Picture-in-Picture, as it was only available for Premium subscribers since its introduction in 2021.

Though PiP is disappearing from the main, some users will still be able to benefit from the feature via YouTube TV. The television-streaming package enabled the feature in March.

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