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Well, the recent development in the robotics industry proves that technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is playing a significant role in today’s era. Recently, scientists created the first self-healing and living robots in the world. They built it from the stem cells of a frog.

The robots are named “Xenobots.” Well, there is a reason behind it. The scientists took stem cells of the African clawed from whose scientific name is Xenopus Laevis. The Xenobots are very small in size, 0.04 inches, and can effectively travel through a human body. Besides, they can swim and walk. By working together in a group, the robots can survive for weeks without any food.

It may be noted that the University of Vermont joined with Tufts University to develop such new and extraordinary life-forms.

The Development Process of Robots

Talking about stem cells, these are unspecialized cells. They come with an ability to convert into various cell types. Under the process, the researchers obtained the living stem cells from the embryos of Xenopus Laevis. Then they incubate it. After that, the researchers cut and reshaped the cells into particular “body forms.” They did it using a supercomputer.

The stem cells started to work by themselves. They then combined themselves to construct a structure. On the other side, the heart muscle cells enable them to move. The most amazing thing is that robots can heal themselves. When the researchers cut it into two pieces, it immediately healed itself and kept walking.

A lead researcher from the University of Vermont, Joshua Bongard, stated that they are genuinely novel living machines. Xenobiotics are not traditional robots and they don’t even belong to any animal species.

The nee organism comes with a food source consisting of protein and lipid. It lets Xenobot robots to live for weeks. However, they can’t reproduce the food sources. In the end, he stated that AI plays a significant role in this.

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