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Rumours suggest that this time Xbox’s changes will bring a significant difference to the Xbox’s Quick Resume feature. The changes include the long-lasting of the games, and with that, the user can also check which of the games are suspended on Xbox Series X or S.

Last year, only Microsoft’s Xboxes received the update related to the improvement in the performance and graphical fidelity. But a Quick resume is one of the main features that allow a user to look around the games suspended on the Xbox.

Only this feature felt the star of the show and proved to be an update to the next-gen. The user might wonder how it felt to the series of the box, and then the answer comes out to be that it felt groundbreaking by comparison.

After that, Xbox’s Quick Resume feature was launched in a normal state. Most of the games would be able to support the feature just for one week only. And from the next week, most of the games could not handle the same, so they got suspended.

It was unclear at one time how many games a user could juggle. The worst feature was that the user could not determine how many games got suspended due to the same.

Unless the user had a photographic memory and took down the notes, then the user can easily find out which of the games are suspended and can easily remove the data for that game.

According to the update of May, a user can easily customize the games on the homepage according to their wish with the help of the Quick Resume support feature. Moreover, if the user is playing an Xbox X or S series. Furthermore, the user can also pin them to the homepage with the other groups.

With this, Microsoft company also claims that the feature of Quick resume will get updated with its more practical. The tests claim that it takes around seven seconds to tap around the games. So, the more changes to it will be marginal only.

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