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‘Winning Time: Rise of the Lakers Dynasty’ episode 8 brings viewers to the depths of the 1979-80 LA Lakers season with an amazing narrative of real-life events. The episode entitled ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ focuses on the return of Jack McKinney, as Paul Westhead and Pat Riley struggle to face their uncertain future with the team.

Meanwhile, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took part in the All-Star Game, which led to a wake-up call for the young Magic. This episode seems to solve the coaching situation but removes the conflict between Magic, which will arouse his desire to succeed.

The eighth episode opens with Jerry Buss retelling the story of how Roger Bannister, against all odds, did the seemingly impossible task of running a mile in less than four minutes. Meanwhile, the Lakers are celebrating their fantastic form under Westhead and Riley. After becoming the first rookie in years, Magic Johnson gains much media attention after becoming a starter in an NBA All-Stars game. In the dressing room, Riley advised Haywood to check her knee. The team’s celebration is cut short by the arrival of Jack McKinney, who has recovered from his injuries.

McKinney has revealed that he will be accompanying the team from next week. He further added that he would return to his whole position as Head Coach after obtaining medical approval. McKinney criticizes Westhead and Riley for managing the team, especially Spencer Haywood’s bench. Riley and McKinney disagree, leading Westhead to worry about their future in the team. McKinney privately tells Westhead that Riley will not have a position in the group as he does not trust the former Lakers player.

Elsewhere, Jeanie has difficulty dealing with the news that her grandmother Jessie’s cancer treatment has failed, and she will soon die. Meanwhile, Magic and Cookie meet Magic’s childhood hero Julius “Dr. J” Erving, at an NBA All-Stars dinner. Magic is attracted to the good behavior and care of Drs. After the game, Cookie learns about Magic having sex with Rhonda and breaking up with her. Depressed Magic is comforted by Drs. J. Meanwhile, Buss learns about his future mother’s death while Westhead tells Riley McKinney wants to fire him. Eventually, Riley decides to take matters into her own hands and save her job.

Winning Time Episode 8 ends: Does Paul Westhead Continue as Head Coach? Is Pat Riley Dismissed?

In this episode, Westhead faces a moral dilemma as he is forced to choose between his relationship with McKinney and keeping his promise to Riley. After Westhead promised Riley that his career would be secure even under McKinney, he agreed to quit as a broadcaster and become an assistant coach. So, when McKinney is set to return and ask Westhead to fire Riley, he begins to get mad about the situation.

On the other hand, Riley believes his hard work and Westhead brought the team closer to the playoffs. He sees a real chance for the Lakers to win the NBA tournament. So, he decides to convince Westhead that he should ask McKinney to allow them to train all season and suggest that McKinney returns at the start of the new season. Although Westhead admits he would like the opportunity, he does not wish to betray McKinney. Depression causes Westhead to develop kidney disease, which forces Riley to coach the game against Dr. J. Lad’s Philadelphia 76ers. The Lakers lost the game tragically as Drs. J is using his influence on Magic to blind the little rookie.

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