WilD Villa

Wild Villa, the sensational dating show has completed its 19 episodes successfully. So, today it’s Elimination Week. And, we all know whenever there is an elimination, the nominated contestants go crazy. Their behaviour actually changed when they have the fear to go back home as nobody wants to leave the show. During all the eviction weekends, the contestants can’t even have a good convo as they are actually stressed.

WilD Villa

Well! Let me make it clear to you. During the eviction weekends, even a normal conversation can turn into a huge argument and becomes controversial. So, Elimination is on the head, stress is on the brains. An incident happened like this only. Nobody wants to get eliminated from the show as there are two doors- one for the Splitsvilla and the other to their home back.

All the contestants sitting in the Wild Villa are hoping to enter the Splitsvilla desperately. There are many contestants in the show who are there getting evicted from the Splitsvilla only. So, they are also giving their best to get a chance to go back to the Splitsvilla. The contestants who have gone from Splitsvilla to Wild Villa are Jahnvi, Riya, Azma, and Samridhi.

So, in today’s episode of Wild Villa, you’ll see Nikhil Chinapa asking Agriya, Arjun, and Samridhi to put one from the two options i.e. Piyush and Azma directly in the eliminations. So, they all have to take a mutual decision about whom they want to get saved and whom they want to put in the eliminations. The decision is tough indeed.

All these contestants are now thinking for that one name that they gonna put in the direct eliminations of the Wild Villa. And, yes, if they couldn’t make any of the decisions then the elimination won’t be possible at all. Hearing this, the pressure started building upon them as they know they have to make the decision, no matter what!

Now, they actually have a golden opportunity to throw the tough competition among the two nominated contestants out of the show. It would be really very interesting to watch will they gonna take the advantage of this choice or it will gonna go in vain?

Most of the votes are coming against Azma as her friendship with Arjun  and Samaridhi is not so good. So, yes, now this will gonna reflect on the eliminations. To be in the show it’s really important to be friends as much as possible. Friendship is important for survival.

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