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Anannyah Kumari Alex Age

Anannyah Kumari Alex is getting so much fame as she is the first transgender in the history of politics to contest in the Kerala Assembly Polls. Well! This is no less than a grand celebration that our country is actually growing mentally. Keeping all this inferiority aside, people actually start accepting this as well. People are no more supporting this discrimination. There’s no doubt, time changes everything.

Anannyah Kumari Alex

With time, our brains develop and so is our mentality. So, from the Vengara Constituency, it’s Anannyah Kumari Alex to contest for the assembly polls. She is the first transgender candidate of the Democratic Social Justice Party (DSJP). She is standing against the Muslim candidate PK Kunhalikuty.

Let me tell you, it’s not something that happened overnight. Well! Anannyah Kumari is a very famous makeup artist. She is also the first transgender Radio Jockey in Kerala. She is 28 right now and on March 19th, Anannyah filed her nomination for the assembly polls. This was actually so unexpected that she gonna selected for this.

She said, she wants to work for the welfare of the transgender community. She wants to be the one looking for all the needs and requirements, all the rights for the transgenders. She wants to be the candidate who gonna work for all.

Anannyah dropped out of her secondary education years back. But later she realized you’re literally nothing if you’re not educated at all. If you want to survive in this world, you must have a solid education and you must be independent. So, Yes, she wants to complete her education now and she will be resuming her education soon.

Further, she said, yes it’s a matter of happiness but not really. As she is only focused on representing the transgender community only. She said it’s not about getting victory or defeat. All she wants is just to represent her community and to work for their welfare. She is hoping to make a mark in history with this act.

When asked about why she filed this candidature and what actually she aims for? She said, that transgenders should also have their representative in politics and she actually wants to show the potential, the caliber, the capability, the efficiency of transgender people.



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