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It seems that Canadians are not happy with the matters that are happing between Iran and the United States. Recently, some Canadian questioned who is responsible for the downing for Flight 752.

A few days back, Iran confirmed that it accidentally shoots down Flight 752 of Ukraine International Airlines. That incident took the lives of 147 passengers from Iran, Canada, and other countries.

Some prominent Canadian business persons and media houses are now blaming the United States for this. They said that it is the United States who provoked Iran for this by killing Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a top-level Iranian commander.

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What Is Canadian Saying?

CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, Michael McCain, through his Tweeter account, said that all these are just personal reflections. Such incidents are making him angry. In the event, a colleague of McCain lost his family and wife.

Not only McCain, but other Canadians are also why President Donald Trump took such steps. After the death of Soleimani, Iran answered the US with multiple attacks on American air bases on Iraq. However, there were no casualties. Later, Iran shot down the flight unintentionally.

More About The People

Washington correspondent for CBC News, Canada, Katie Simpson stated that the families of the victims might have just one question. Who is accountable for the death of 63 Canadians who are on the flight? Are the people died because of the consequences of the decision taken by President Donald Trump? Well, the Canadian authorities have lowered the number of Canadian victims to 57.

On the other side, a famous Canadian radio host, Charles Adler, also talked about the incident. He stated that such recklessness from Iran comes after the U.S.’s order to kill General Qassem.

However, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister has not given any statement blaming President Trump for the incident. He said that the Government of Iran recently issues 11 visas to officials and investigators.

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