WhatsApp Stops Working On iPhone 4s
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The most popular instant messaging app that is used worldwide by most of the population has updated its functioning for most of the running platforms and that will be a major issue for the people who are still using the older phones. The latest version of the app has dropped the support for the iOS 9 which basically means that iPhone 4s and the other older phones with the iPhone 4s or lower gen will not be able to use the app. In simple words WhatsApp Stops Working On iPhone 4s.

And now starting with the lowest version of WhatsApp that is 2.21.50 that is available on the App Store and now the app requires the iOS 10 version or the latter to run. As the bad news for the iPhone 4s users that they can’t update to the iOS 10 or any later version anymore so they have to change the phone in order to use the WhatsApp and that’s the only option that is left with them.

According to the sources, the basic requirements that are updated on the official website of WhatsApp includes the 3 major things that are:-

Android running OS 4.0.3 and newer
iPhone running iOS 10 and newer
Select phones running KaiOS 2.5.1 newer, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2

Moreover, the last time when the app was updated at that time the app dropped the support for the iOS 8, and due to which the use of iPhone 4 was stopped in the market and it was the month of Feb 2020 only. And now the company has dropped the support to the iOS 9 which means that the users have to change the mobile and no other option is available there for the use of WhatsApp in the iPhone 4s models or the models with the iOS 9.

Although, if the user is still using WhatsApp in older versions then the team of galaxy reporters suggests to the user that the user might take the backup of the chats and the other things before the app tops working completely on their phones.

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