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Netflix” Senior Year” is a romantic comedy film. It tells the story of Stephanie Conway (young Angourie Rice and Rebel Wilson as an adult). In 2002, he seemed to have it all. He is the leader of a cheerleading club and is in love with the most famous boy in school, Blaine Balboa (young Tyler Barnhardt and Justin Hartley as an adult). However, he suffered a head injury while playing and later fainted.

Did Stephanie and Seth End Together in High Year? Or Do You End Up With Blaine?

Stephanie and Seth ended up together in ‘High Year.’ In 2002, Seth was one of Stephanie’s best friends. Seth has feelings for Stephanie, and the watchful father sees this and talks to Seth about it. But Stephanie doesn’t know about happiness, and she’s busy with the dream life she and Blaine imagined.

Later in the film, we find excuses for why Stephanie so desperately wanted such a life. She was a lonely and abused child. Stephanie’s mother, who lost her cancer, promised to give her everything she wanted. Stephanie made Deanna Russo (Alicia Silverstone), an old cheerleader from her school, marry her famous boyfriend. This is the life he wanted for himself.

When Stephanie wakes up 20 years later, she discovers that her rival Tiffany Blanchette (young Ana Yi Puig and Zoë Chao as an adult), who unknowingly caused her accident, is now living the life she wanted (Stephanie). Tiffany is now married to Blaine and lives in the house where Deanna lived. By that time, Seth is older and is currently working as a booking secretary at their old school.

Stephanie’s best friend, Martha Reiser (young Molly Brown and Mary Holland as an adult), is now the principal of the school mentioned. As Stephanie returns to school, her old feud with Tiffany reigns, using her daughter Bri as a representative. However, Bri refuses to do her mother’s will. He also revealed that their family is sad.

Her last moment of change came when she met Deanna, driving a taxi from one of MaaS providers. Stephanie finds out that Deanna is divorced now, and her husband left her a young woman. Currently, Deanna is focused on completing her education. This meeting helps Stephanie to have a favorable view of her life. He made arrangements with everyone, including Tiffany. On graduation day, he kisses Seth. It is rumored that they will start a relationship.

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