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The two tech giants want to transform our phones into a digital wallets for reserving our legal IDs and other important documents, tugging our phones closer to our identity.

Both iOS 16 and Android 13 are loaded with tweaks and new elements, some of which are more significant than digital wallets and hastier connections.

Apple’s and Google’s updates depict another step towards their mutual objective of turning physical wallets obsolete, a shift that’ll necessarily make us even more dependent on mobile devices.

Google restated this ambition before reporting the new updates at Google I/O in May.

“In fact, these days there are only two things I don’t leave home without: my phone and my wallet,” Sameer Samat, the Android and Google Play’s vice president of product management, announced on stage. “So the question is, can my phone replace my wallet?”

Corey Fugman, Apple’s senior director for Wallet and Apple Pay, gave similar remarks during the WWDC announcement on Monday.

“With Apple Wallet, we’re working hard on our goal to replace your physical wallet,” he said.

As the smartphone evolves as the link to everything from your credit card to your thermostat and car, Apple and Google are trying to make it’s aesthetic more private. When iOS 16 is inaugurated this fall, the iPhone will receive a new lock screen with support for Apple Watch-Esque widgets and new photo effects for background images. Google is broadening its Material You with premade color sets that can be assigned across the whole operating system.

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