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‘We Own This City’ tells the true story of the scandal involving the Gun Trace Task Force of the Baltimore Police Department. The crime drama series is based on a novel by Justin Fenton 2021 novel with the same name, produced on television by David Simon and George Pelecanos (‘The Wire’). The first episode, titled ‘Part One,’ introduces viewers to Sergeant Wayne Jenkins and other members of the BPD Gun Trace Task Force involved in illegal activities and corruption.

“We own this city” is The first episode of the episode.

The first episode of the series opens in 2017, with Sergeant Wayne Jenkins (Jon Bernthal) giving a presentation to members of the BPD Academy. Jenkins emphasizes that the law makes police officers stronger on the streets and more aggressive when necessary. He advises trainees to look for cases that will lead them to drugs and arms, thus forgiving their ways of achieving results. The incident then shifted to an interrogation room where FBI agent Erika Jensen spoke to Momodu “G Money” Gondo, a member of the BPD’s Gun Trace Task Force. Jensen asks Gondo about his involvement in drug distribution with Wayne Jenkins.

In 2017, Jenkins led a GTTF attack on Collington Square. Police confiscated drugs and many firearms in the area, leading to Jenkins receiving compliments. Jensen asks Gondo about Antonio Shropshire and his connections with the criminal world in the interrogation room. Gondo admits he was involved in crime before meeting Shropshire. The incident shifted to 2015 when David McDougall of the Harford County Narcotics Task Force investigated a heroin racket. The explosion leads McDougall to Aaron Anderson, who they believe is a crucial player in turmoil.

Meanwhile, Nicole Steele, a lawyer for the Office of Human Rights, met with Ahmed Jackson, and they began working to investigate the city police. He explains that the Office of Human Rights has received several complaints of extreme police brutality. McDougall’s team finds Anderson by car trackers but recognizes that BPD is also following the criminal. After growing suspicions about the tracker’s status, McDougall notified the FBI. Steele’s search sheds light on Daniel Hersl, a GTTF member known for his brutality and many grievances. Steele talks to the Police Commissioner and tries to understand why Hersl has not yet been taken into custody.

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