Udaariyaan 21-7-2021

The latest episode of Udaariyaan starts with Dadaji saying Mahi not to call Fateh. He says, he is going with Tejo and let them spend some time together. Mahi tells him that she feels as if Fateh and Tejo, both are falling for each other. They both come up in the party and dance together. Later on Amrik come up and he also tells something like that only that indicates there is surely something going on between Fateh and Tejo.

Udaariyaan 21-7-2021

Well! Amrik says Tejo went to see Gippy yesterday and while coming back, Fateh goes to pick her up from there. Amrik is jealous of the closeness growing between Gippy and Jasmin. On the other hand, Tejo and Fateh are enjoying the party. Tejo gets elated when everybody in the party starts recognizing Fateh, the boxing competition winner.

While having drinks together, a girl comes and asks them if they’re newly married? It will surely be a love marriage. Tejo was just about to refuse this but at that very moment, Fateh agrees with her and says, Yes. Now, they start asking about their love story, how it all started and how they fell in love with each other.

Another girl asks Fateh if he fell in love at first sight or how? Fateh says no, there was nothing like that. It was not love at first sight. It’s just that he fell in love with her girl gradually and eventually they got married. Then comes another question, when you guys started dating and tied the knot.

Tejo breaking up her silence says there’s nothing like that. Rather, her marriage is already fixed with someone else. Fateh says yes, it was the worst day of his life when he comes to know about this. But he still believes that Tejo will be coming back to him just like Heer did for her Ranjha fighting against all the odds.

Then somebody asks him, what if there would be a villain in their love story who comes in to spoil their love life? Fateh can’t think of other than Jasmin to be the villain of their love story. Fateh tells her, there’s already that mean girl and her name is Chameli. They all laugh hearing this. He says, but she doesn’t matter at all. Now, Fateh and Tejo dance together. Fateh while dancing thinking of Jasmin and Gippy. He hugs Tejo. Tejo is surprised and here it ends!

Stay tuned with us for more updates of Udaariyaan and upcoming twists that gonna come up in Fateh and Tejo’s love story!

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