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Watch Ben Barnes Goes ‘Full Venom’ By Teasing The Darkling!

Image Credit - Netflix

To make the wait until mid-March a bit easier to bear, Netflix has released a ton of exciting information about the upcoming episodes as we get ready to return to the Grishaverse with Season 2 of Shadow and Bone. Today, the streamer released an interview with series creator Eric Heisserer and co-author Daegan Fryklind. They discuss the relationship between series leads Alina Starkov and The Darkling which has always been enthralling. The two will be more emotionally connected than ever in the upcoming episodes. After killing the Stag, Kirigan took some of Alina’s power as the first season ended. Alina receives some of the amplifiers, and he receives some of the antlers in his hand. This connected the two and allowed the main antagonist to control the Sun Summoner’s power for selfish reasons.

Ben Barnes teases The Darkling goes “full venom” in Shadow and Bone season 2

Heisserer emphasized that Alina will begin to accept her position as a leader, and Fryklind said the amplifiers would be the ideal way to represent her; in addition to the writers’ interview, series star Ben Barnes also discussed the relationship between Kirigan and Alina. He said that the mental location Fryklind alludes to is called “the Mind Palace,” and that is where most of their interactions will occur. All of this suggests that this season will be extremely challenging for Alina, who will have to overcome numerous obstacles, such as learning how to use the Mind Palace against The Darkling, who, as the trailer revealed, is returning with a much darker persona and accompanied by these shadow monsters called nichevo’ya, which are essentially more vicious manifestations of the same thing, of Kirigan’s personality. However, we’ll only be able to witness the harm they can do when March comes along.

Get ready for Shadow and Bone season 2, which will premiere on Thursday, March 16, 2023, on Netflix.

Image Credit – Netflix



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