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Washington May Face Snowy Winter With Average Temperature, Forecaster Says

Image Credit: Washington Post

From Sunday, the metrological winter for Washington has started. The winter season will be from December to February. Apart from that all, the northeast part of the city is already getting the taste of winter in the form of a strong winter storm. 

When the winter takes place here, you can see that Washington always gets snow when the winter arrives. One can’t think a winter without snow here, but with the recent development, the city may have experienced no snow here.  

What forecaster says? 

As per forecaster, they now say that there is no strong report which suggests snowfall. But still there is little lean for the average snowfall, and the temperature will be very much normal too during the season. 

If you take a look at last year’s data, then you can see that Washington is nearly a snowy and that too above average as well. With that too, many forecasters also overestimated the snowfall to nearly a great extent. 

Predictions for Washington

In a recent development, many private weather forecasters are predicting the snowfall model. It states Washington may experience an above normal, which is nearly 17 inches. The predication that Cohen does is by looking at the snow cover over Siberia. There the snowfall is above average, and for that here, the winter may be harsher. 

The model that Cohen has during prediction is said to be very accurate. It shows that the snowfall is nearly close to that prediction.  

In the next prediction, Dorian forecasted that Washington would be getting 20 inches, which are above normal too. He said that due to low solar activity, it would soon contribute to a condition colder than the average temperature. You can have a good and above normal winter here. 



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