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Batman has always been a beloved character among all the superheroes. DC introduced him to the fans for the very first time in 1943 with Lewis Wilson. Since then, the character has blossomed throughout the years. From Lewis Wilson to Robert Pattinson, fans have loved and adored the hero.

DC fans have been eagerly waiting to see the bat signal once again lightening up on their screens.

Since the first teaser was released in August 2020, fans have held their breaths for one more glimpse of the twilight star in Batman costume. In the teaser, he was seen as an emo kid with smudged eyeliner, listening to Nirvana while he seeks revenge for the death of his parents. The 3-minute video was greatly appreciated yet fans have been worried about this new change.

Pattinson’s casting was made official in May 2019 and since then the concerns, as well as excitement, have been high in the hearts of Batman lovers.

The release date of the movie has gone through various obstacles due to the pandemic. It was originally meant to hit the screens on June 25, 2021, yet it was delayed due to coronavirus and then was finalized to be seen on October 1, 2021. The pandemic has been harsh on the film industry and it affected the film once again.

After that, this movie is finally in a ready set go mode and is scheduled to come out on March 4, 2022.

Due to the new variant Omicron, the world has once been affected and many major events have to be canceled to maintain the safety protocols set by the governments across the globe.

The rumors of Omicron once again being a hindrance in the release of Pattinson’s starring The Batman have been strolling the halls of Hollywood, worrying the waiting fans.

Fortunately, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar has eradicated these rumors through a statement, “We’re certainly paying attention to everything going on with Omicron. We feel good about the date right now. We’re gonna watch it day by day.”

As of now, we are somewhat sure to see Robert playing the Caped Crusader as per schedule. Hopefully, the movie will not have to shift its release date once again.

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