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Jay”Sinatra” won is one of the biggest names in competitive Valorant, has been suspended following allegations of harassment by the game and his team. The accusation is put on the Sinatra by his ex girlfriend on Tuesday, Cleo Hernández posted a lengthy account of her nine-month-long relationship with Won on her social handle, detailing a troubled history of physical and emotional abuse supported by audio recordings and screenshots of messages. Here are the full update about Valorant Game Sinatraa accused by his ex girlfriend.

Valorant Game Sinatraa Accused By His Ex-girlfriend

She stated, “I have avoided talking about any aspects of me and Jay’s relationship for over a year,” Hernandez wrote. “I never spoke about it mostly because this is horrifying, and also because I’ve seen the way women in our community are treated when they try to talk about being hurt by prominent figures.”

She further said, “Ultimately, I would just like to say ‘ yes’ and stay there until it is compared to not fighting him.” “I remember one day… He wanted to have sex. I have no excuse, [so] I just let it happen and put it there and stared at the ceiling above me, its weight crushing my chest. I think about staring at that ceiling every day. ”

After she made her post live, online community and media quickly response into this. While, both have yet to respond to the allegation which is made by Cle0h.

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Won is a former Over watch League MVP, who switched to Valorrent last year. Following Hernandez’s allegations, Won was suspended from the game, by developer Riot. He stated that he would not participate in the Valorant Champions Tour competition to be held later this week. “We are aware of the current situation about Won and have launched an investigation,” Alex François, the global head of the riot, said in a statement.

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