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A new year has dawned upon the streaming platform Netflix. They have lined up many exciting genre programs like Archive 81, animated series, The House, Ozark, and more. It’s going to be a good month for Netflix binges.

Archive 81: season 1

Premiering on January 14, 2022
The horror mystery series follows a story of an archivist Dan Turner who takes up the job to restore a collection of videotapes from 1994 and reconstruct them for a documentary filmmaker, Melody Pendras. His career draws his interest in investigating a dangerous cult at the Visser apartment building. The season will unfold in the two timelines leaving Dan obsessed to discover what happened to Melody 25 years ago.

The House: Season 1

Premiering on January 14, 2022
It is a dark comedy about a house, and it tells three surreal stories of people who made it their home—an anthology with stop motion animation featuring their leading voices in the project.

Munich: The Edge of War

Premiering on January 21, 2022
The history drama movie is based on an international bestseller by Robert Harris. In 1938 Europe stood on the verge of war. Adolf Hitler is preparing to invade the government that desperately needs a peaceful solution. As negotiation begins, the two old friends find themselves at the center of the political subterfuge web. With the whole world watching, can war be averted, and if so, what’s the cost?

Ozark: Season 4

Premiering on January 21, 2022
The crime thriller is based on a finance individual who relocates his family of two kids and his wife from Chicago to Missouri Ozark. The finance planner’s laundering money scheme goes wrong, forcing him to pay a considerable debt to a Mexican drug lord. This season will be released in two parts publishing seven episodes each.

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