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United States Offers USD 15 Million For Information on Iranian Planner

Image Credit: The Hindu

The United States, on Thursday, has offered a USD 15M reward for providing data about Iran’s IRGC- Islamic Revolutionary Guard Crops. As per the report, the state department suspects IRGC’s involvement in an attack against the United States and the 2007 attack that took lives 5 US troops.

As per the latest reports, the State Department sets a bounty on the data related to Abdul Reza Shahlai. He is the command of Iran’s Quads Force, a special foreign actions unit of Iran. The United States’ special representative, Brain Hook, informs about this.

About Abdul Reza Shahlai

Abdul Reza Shahlai holds a long history of various attacks on the US. Hook informs. Besides, he is the person who supplies explosives and weapons to Shia groups. Moreover, it suspects that he is involved in the deadly attack that happened on 20th January 2007. The Quad Force attacked a provincial headquarter located in Iraq’s Karbala. Five United States troops died in that attack. 

Some reports suggested that the attackers spoke English, and they were in American uniforms. Besides, they know about the layout of the headquarter.

In 2011 Shahlai also planned to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir. But that was not successful. Besides, he is allegedly supplying guns and explosives to Houthi Rebels.

Recent Development

Recently, the US officials issued a photo of cruise missiles and some high-level missile components, seized from a vessel heading toward Yemen. It is suspected that the weapons are from Iran. This is for the first time such dangerous missile components have been seized. A coast guard team and a small navy boat seized all these weapons.

However, the hook says that the reward is not for capturing or killing the commander of the Quds Force. So, it is only for the data which can help the US to know about IGC operations.



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