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In the latest episode of Udaariyaan on 30th July 2021, you’ll see Tejo and Jasmin going to Chandigarh for shopping. And, Fateh is already there. So Tejo wants to surprise him. Actually, Tejo was going back to her home but she met Jasmin on the way only. And, they decide to go to Chandigarh. They both left for the destination. Fateh messages Jasmin.

Jasmin asks the driver to stop the car and she goes to the washroom. Meanwhile, Tejo calls Fateh and tells him that she is coming to see him. Then she tells him further that she was going back but then met Jasmin on the way so they both are coming together.

On the other hand, Jasmin is trying to connect with him. But he is busy talking to Tejo only. She says him that they will enjoy themselves there. And, will send Jasmin back home by cab. He says No, he has a meeting. He disconnects the call. Now, Jasmin’s call gets connect to him. She asks him where he was busy?

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He tells her that he was on a call with Tejo. She was asking me to spend some time with her. Jasmin says him that she wants to meet him. He says he cannot meet her. Also, it will be awkward meeting her along with Tejo. In return, she says she is not feeling okay and her finger is also paining. She wants to see him. Fateh says no it’s not the right time to meet. She says you’ll come to see me if you love me. And, disconnects the call.

Jasmin comes back and sees Tejo is sad. She asks her the reason and Tejo tells her that Fateh is behaving strangely. Jasmin consoles her and says, don’t worry, he will come to meet you. They both reach the Mall.

Fateh comes with a bouquet in his hand for Jasmin. But Tejo says to him this is for me. He says yes of, course. Then Fateh removes the card from the bouquet. They order some food. Tejo says she has seen a dress in the showroom, she just come back. Jasmin holds Fateh and wanted to hug him. Fateh says this is not right.

Jasmin says there is nothing wrong when somebody is in love. She takes him to the trial room. He says this is not right, there are cameras. Tejo can come and see them like this. Jasmin says not to worry, nothing will happen like that. She hugs him finally. Tejo comes looking for Fateh there and sees someone hugging in the trial room.

The episode ends here. Now, we are all curious to know, Will Tejo come to know about them? Will she be seeing them hugging like this in the trial room? Stay tuned with us for more updates on Udaariyaan.

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