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We have seen in the last episode of Udaariyaan that there’s an engagement scene of Jasmin and Gippi. Jasmin tries her level best to convince Fateh to accept her love for him. But Fateh on the other side is still confused for Tejo. Fateh actually loves Tejo but he’s maybe confused or what! For the moment, when Jasmin comes in front of Fateh, he somewhere forgets Tejo.

So, this happens again. Well! Jasmin is not ready to get engaged with Gippi. Fateh is also trying his level best to make her understand that they cannot be together again. It’s too late. She should move on in her life and have a happy life with Gippi.

Hearing all this, when Jasmin finally loses her patience. She cuts her finger and faints. It’s no less than committing suicide. Everyone is shocked. Fateh is not able to absorb this incident that what she actually did to herself. Fateh lifts her up and rushed to the hospital without giving any other thoughts to anything else.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Fateh completely forgets about Tejo in that situation. Tejo seeing this gets upset. But she finds it good to leave them alone for the moment. So she leaves Fateh and Jasmin alone. Now, this is the matter of concern that will Fateh gonna leave Tejo for Jasmin?

Undoubtedly, the show is gaining so much love and appreciation from the audiences for such an amazing concept. People are curious and excited to watch what will happen next. How these three lives will gonna settle with each other? Will Fateh be with Jasmin or Tejo? There are so many questions arising.

In today’s episode of Udaariyaan on 29th July 2021, you’ll see Fateh and Jasmin plan to meet each other. But before meeting Fateh, Jasmin is meeting Tejo. Tejo says, she’s glad that Jasmin comes and meets her. Tejo wants to talk to Jasmin.

On the other hand, Fateh is already waiting for Jasmin where they decided to meet. So, Fateh is calling Jasmin. Jasmin puts her phone on silent mode as she doesn’t want Tejo to get to know about their meeting. Tejo asks Jasmin to click some pictures.

Jasmin gives her phone to Tejo for clicking pictures. But she sees Fateh’s incoming call on Jasmin’s phone. This completely shocks her. Tejo gets upset again. Tejo receives the call. And, now shocks Fateh as well. Let’s see how it goes further. Stay tuned with us to know more about the show, Udaariyaan!

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