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On Wednesday, a bus accident took place in Belize were two American passengers were killed, and almost five other passengers were injured. The passenger was traveling in Belize as a part of the Carnival Cruise line trip, and the bus included two American guests. The bus accident took place on a roadway to Belmopan City. The bus was departed last week from Galveston caring passengers on a trip with the Carnival Cruise Line. The incident took place due to the collision between SUV and the bus caring cruise guest. 

About the bus accident

The incident took place on Wednesday when the red SUV collided with the bus that was caring for the cruise guests. After the accident, it was reported that among the cruise guest, two American guests died, and the other five guests were injured. The Belize Police Department said that the red SUV was caring for some passengers, and among them, three Belizean were also killed in the accident. It was reported by NBC News that the SUV driver was at fault in the accident. 

On 23rd November, the cruise left Galveston, and it was expected that it would return on 30th November, and as per Carnival Cruise Line, the guest was taking a tour from the cruise, and it included a stop in Belize. The bus was part of the Carnival Cruise Line and was carrying seven guests during the time of the accident. Two American guests were killed, and five were severely injured during the incident. The two American passengers who are killed are Jacqueline Abad of 53 years, and Sara Armijo was of 51 years. 

The five guests who were hospitalized their injury included broken legs, arms cuts, abrasions, dislocated knee caps, and pelvic fracture. Condolences and most profound sympathy was expressed by the carnival board for the incident that took place during the carnival tour.  

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