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Last week, Bentley informed that it would plant around 100 trees across the company’s England factory. It is trying to bring the factor of ‘Sustainability.’ On the other hand, Bugatti also said the same. The company planted around 4000 trees around its offices and factories. Both are trying their best, but the result is useless. 

They Are Not The Only One

Bugatti and Bentley are not the only auto giants who are showing their interest in this. They are the latest companies to do so. A few years ago, Ford signed an agreement with Zipcar and planted around 20,000 trees. Toyota showed some seriousness and planted a lot of trees in China. As per the report, it planted more than five million trees within seven years. 

While most of the care companies are moving toward sustainability, the results are not so impressive. Some studies suggested that it will take billions of trees and more to change the climate condition of the Earth. 

Few Lines From The Experts

NASA’s experts are creating a model to estimate the forest recreation possibilities of the Earth. They said the ecosystem could support more than 2.2 billion acres for forests. With around half-trillion trees, the experts say, they can capture carbon of approximately 205 gigatons. This will reduce the carbon level by about 25%. 

However, planting the trees will not help in lowering the emissions of fossil fuel, said Sassan Saatchi, NASA’s scientists. Along with planting trees, some other factors need to be considered. There is no doubt that a massive portion of land can be filled with plants. But for that, it is essential to lower the greenhouse gasses emission from the human. However, this will partially support the process of reducing climate change. 

All must try their best to support the change, and then only the Earth will come to a perfect shape. 

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