Image Source: BUMZU and Adora (Instagram)

This year we saw exciting releases in the K-pop world. Behind every song, there is a producer and a musician. While singers get most of the attention for a k-pop song, producers are crucial to making songs hit. So, here are the top three producers in the k-pop world in 2021.


Image Credit: BUMZU (Instagram)


You might be familiar with BUMZU if you are a fan of Seventeen. While much of the group’s music is produced by Seventeen’s members, they also enlisted producer BUMZU for their 2021 mini albums Attacca and Your Choice. BUMZU helped compose, wright and arrange many songs, including “2MINUS 1” and “Ready to Love,” the group’s first English language track.

Teddy Park

Teddy Park debuted in 1998 in the hip hop 1TYM with his friend Danny, Baekyoung, and Jinhwan. For two decades, he has been an in-house producer for YG Entertainment. Songs he produced this year include Lisa’s – LALISA, Rose’s Gone and On The Ground, and Jeon So Mi’s Dumb Dumb.


Image Credit: Adora (Instagran)

You name it, and Adora does it. She is a producer, songwriter, and singer. Also known as “Park Soo-Hyun, ” she was once a Stardom Entertainment trainee. At 15, she even co-composed Topp Dodd’s song “Playground.” She joined Big Hit in 2016. She worked with BTS also.


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