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Hey folks, I am back again with the reaction blog. We all know that Spider-Man No Way Home is breaking all the records on Box Office. Many hardcore fans of Marvel Universe worldwide, and many of them showed a great reaction on Twitter and Tumblr. So here are the top responses on Spider-Man: No Way Home.

1. Ekin wrote on Twitter: jake Gyllenhaal ruined both Spider-man’s and Taylor swift’s life now it is personal for me


Caption: @witchious

2. Diyaa wrote on Tumblr: Some people consume Spider-Man films critically and make life miserable for themselves. I consume Spider-Man films like a 12 yr old who ate too much candy and my head is dizzy from excitement

Caption: @mintminnim

3. Jozu wrote on Twitter: Me watching Spider-Man:


Caption: @thaboyjozu

4. bell wrote on Twitter: Jon watts putting a peter parker shirtless scene in every one of his spider-man movies is a fan service and i’m the fan being serviced.


Caption: @spiderlingdaya

5. Emily wrote on Twitter: Tobey, Andrew, and tom are all great as peter parker & spider-man and we should appreciate them all and their individual takes on the character and be glad we have 3 different versions of a great character instead of arguing over who is best


Caption: @mcumagic

6. Petermj’s divorce attorney wrote on Twitter: my 50 year old mom’s NWH review who’s only watched the first (2002) Spider-Man movie: *points at Andrew Garfield* he’s the most handsome spiderman


Caption: @parkerlucks

7. Avengers wrote on Tumblr: does it just come out of your wrists, or does it come out of anywhere else tobey. does it

Caption: @avengerrs

8. Starks-hero wrote on Tumblr: Me after No Way Home

Caption: @starks-hero

9. Avengerrs wrote on Tumblr: This “WTF” face

Caption: @avengerrs

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