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‘Tokyo Vice’ Final Recap and Ending Explained: Is Sato Dead or Alive?

Image Credit: HBO Max

Tokyo Vice is a crime drama created by J.T. Rogers based on the 2009 book of the same name by Jake Adelstein that premiered on April 7, 2022, on HBO Max. It stars Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe in lead roles.

‘Tokyo Vice’ season 1 finale, titled ‘Yoshino,’ delivers an impactful temporary conclusion while setting things up for the prospective second season. After getting beaten by Tozawa’s (Ayumi Tanida) goons, Jake (Ansel Elgort) considers returning to the US, perhaps for the first time since coming to Japan.

One of the last scenes of the season 1 finale finds Tozawa standing on the tarmac. There is a private jet waiting for him. Misaki is also there, and she asks him where he is going. He doesn’t answer her directly. However, he says something to her that implies his destination and the fact that he knows how Misaki truly feels about him. He knows that she is waiting for him to die so she can be free of his abuse. He tells her that he will be in this world for a long, long time. This can mean only one thing: he is undergoing treatment for his rapidly worsening liver issues.

The very first sequence of the series is set. It involves a meeting between Jake and Katagiri and Tozawa underlings, in which the latter group tells Jake to stop his investigation of Tozawa. All this appears to be the dramatization of what culminated in The Washington Post article. If the series writers have decided to follow the real Adelstein’s accounts in this instance, Tozawa is likely going to UCLA for a liver transplant, and the FBI is helping him.



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