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One of the popular TikTok star Dazharia Shaffer died at the age of 18 on 8th February 2021 in her bedroom by suicide after sharing the last post on her Social Media platform. Soon after the news came out her tragic death, his videos and comments began to pour on fans’ Instagram pages by fans sharing their condolences with their loved ones.

TikTok Star Dazharia Shaffer Died

The reason for her death is not clear yet. Several fans are still asking what happened and why. Shaffer’s parents are coming forward on social media and sharing this dishearten news with her fans and how they are working through their grief. And, although details are scarce about the events leading up to Schaffer’s apparent suicide, many are still processing it.

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What happened to Dazharia Shaffer?

While there was speculation among Schaffer’s social media followers as to why she committed suicide, her parents have not confirmed is Schaffer left a suicide note before took this action, or any clues. Her father did not mention any signs of warning towards his daughter’s potential internal conflict, but other than that, people around Shaffer are still largely confused about all of this.

Schaffer’s father, Joseph Santiago, confirmed on a GoFundMe page for a funeral that his daughter had dead. And, in a statement to the public, the coroner who was called to the scene confirmed that he had been reported to have committed suicide. But why this is all Shafer’s fans and fans are still struggling to find out.

Shaffer’s social media posts have been flooded with fans expressing their grief and good luck to their family in the midst of the effort, with many shocked and disbelieved that their favourite content creator has passed away.

As per the sources, It was found that TikTok last video on Instagram stories featured a shocking caption that is, “Last Post.”

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