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According to their management agency on Sunday, three members of the K-pop superstar BTS were sick with coronavirus after returning from a trip overseas.

The Big Hit Music agency published a statement on Saturday evening that RM and Jin were diagnosed with Covid-19. Another member, Suga, was earlier rumored to have tested positive for the virus on Friday.

According to the agency, all three had their second vaccinations in August.

J-Hope, Jungkook, V, and Jimin are the other four members of the seven-man ban.

According to the agency, RM has shown no symptoms, whilst Jin has minimal symptoms, including a light temperature, and is self-treating at home.

Suga had no symptoms, according to the agency, and was self-caring at home in compliance with health officials’ norms.

RM tested negative after returning from the United States earlier this month when he had followed his normal regimen. He was later diagnosed with the virus, however, before his scheduled release from self-quarantine, according to the agency.

Jin took PCR testing twice after returning to South Korea this month, first upon arrival and again before his release from self-quarantine, and both times he proved negative. According to the agency, he experienced flu-like symptoms on Saturday afternoon before undergoing another PCR test, which resulted in a positive result. According to media accounts, he also visited the United States.

Suga, who had a lot of personal commitments in the United States during the band’s official time off, was diagnosed with Covid after he returned from the US, according to the agency.

The agency stated that it would continue to give assistance to the three members in order for them to recuperate as quickly as possible. It stated that it would comply with South Korean health authorities’ recommendations and instructions.

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