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CBS popular Police procedural crime drama, Criminal Minds, is currently rumored to be prepared for another run as per Paramount. The news of the members returning from the original cast has excited the fans for its revival. The six actors who are so far scheduled to return include Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia), Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss), Joe Mantegna (David Rossi), and Adam Rodriguez (Luke Alvez), A.J. Cook (Jennifer Jareau), and Aisha Tyler (Dr. Tara Lewis).

For those who like to touch upon their facts regarding this thrilling, action-filled drama, All episodes are available to stream on Paramount+.

CBS’s top-rated Police procedural drama, Criminal Minds, has given fans multiple note-worthy episodes that left fans craving for more and more. The show has been running for the past fifteen years and is expected to appear with another season soon. It made its debut on September 22, 2005, and was supposed to be concluded on February 19, 2020, but its reboot was announced in February 2021.

What drew the audiences toward CBS’s top-rated police procedural crime drama, Criminal Minds, was the portrayal of our beloved characters as the knowledgeable Supervisory Special Agents of the FBI as members of its Behavioural Analysis Unit.

Today, we will talk about the remarkable friendship of Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan. Since the first episode, fans have shipped this couple and wanted to see more of them. Their chemistry is beautifully written and illustrated. Garcia and Derek are known for teasing each other but are also famous for supporting each other’s decisions.

One episode that stood amongst hundreds was Episode 8 from season 3. It was titled ‘Lucky.’ The episode began with some tension between the duo. While Derek was seen losing hope, Garcia was found to be interested in her dream man. While Garcia remained happy and unbothered by her latest crush, Derek urged her to be careful. Unfortunately, the date ends up on a bitter note with Garcia getting shot.

This episode provided a glimpse of their relationship beyond work hours. Even though they might fight, they will never stop looking out for each other.

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