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One of the most popular shows on CBS is making a comeback with its sixteenth season. The news of the rival of the famous Police procedural thriller, Criminal Minds, has made its fans ecstatic, and many are spending their time revisiting the fantastic storyline.

Paramount+ confirmed the news of its revival in February 2021. The show debuted on September 22, 2005, and concluded its fifteenth season on February 19, 2020. It ran for more than a decade and had broadcasted 324 episodes in total.

In fifteen seasons, the writers have given us many memorable villains. Some of which we enjoyed while some of which we truly despised for creating trouble in the lives of our beloved profilers. Hence, today we are here to recall one of the worst criminal minds episodes from season 4.

It’s no secret that the way the unsubs were portrayed in the show made us hooked. By showing their heinous crimes and the reason behind their state of mind, the show often made us question the outcome of their acts. It made us question our beliefs of right and wrong and the nature of black and white, truth and lies, and everything in between. We saw almost every kind of serial killer that has ever been immersed in the world. From Cannibalism to pyromaniacs, the show has tried to give us every kind of killer.

Season 4 Episode 17th, titled “Demonology,” is the worst episode of the season. Season 4 is a much-loved season of the series, with an Audience Score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Some of the most popular episodes of the show are in this season. Unfortunately, this particular episode does not enthrall the audience like the others.

In this episode, we see the profilers of the BAU in a conversation about religion as they begin to investigate a series of deaths that increasingly show signs of being a result of exorcisms. The profilers soon deduce that the killer is a priest who believes that demons possess his victims. This episode brought some of Emily’s past into light, but it felt incomplete. Taking on such a controversial topic, fans felt as if the plotline was written by some immature teenager who doesn’t know how to bring a chapter to an end. As a result, this episode stands with the lowest rating of 7.0/10 on IMDb.

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