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As The Walking Dead’s eleven and last season approaches, the fans are preparing to say goodbye to the characters that they have loved throughout the journey.

In the past 13 years since the day this apocalyptic show was first introduced, fans have cried on many occasions as they witnessed their favorite characters dying on screen. Among these unwanted deaths was the departure of Andrew Lincoln as the actor took his leave three years ago, leaving the beloved character Rick Grimes.

His sudden and untimely departure was a shock that fans till this day wish weren’t true. His character was well-loved, and the fans felt his death deeply.

The rumors of Lincoln returning to The Walking Dead universe have been roaming the streets of Hollywood for a long time, keeping the fans hopeful for seeing this iconic character once again on their screens.

What further fuelled this fire was the most recent interview in which the actor commented that despite taking his leave from this character, he might end up doing a Cameo in the upcoming final season.

According to the reports, the actor is set to return on our screens in three spin-off movies that depict his life after his departure in season 11. Although the Walking Dead star is not filming, he is hopeful of returning to action once this pandemic cools down.

He stated in an interview with SFX commenting on his return in this franchise, “I’m not filming at the moment. I’m still very much in lockdown. We’re very excited about how, at the first available opportunity, we’re going to go into producing. I can’t wait to get that cowboat the first available opportunity y boots,”

The series fans are looking forward to the last installment of this well-known show and praying to catch a glimpse of Rick Grimes in the season finale.

Albeit being the dates of the beginning of these spin-off movies still unclear, the actor and the producers are doing their very best to relaunch the beloved Sherif.

Fingers crossed as the viewers pray for seeing him back and hopefully soon.

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