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One of AMC’s longest-running tv-series is finally at its end. The Walking Dead made its debut on AMC on October 31, 2010, and after over a decade, the show is finally taking its leave with its one hundred and seventy-seventh episode. It is currently airing its eleventh and final installment.

The Walking Dead is a top-rated franchise based on the American post-apocalyptic comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman. The plot takes place after the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse.

Many of our favorite characters perish in seasons and years, and we have mourned for these characters. Many of our famous actors were getting an undeserving ending that left us angry and sad. Today, we will recall some of the characters that deserved to see the final episode of the franchise.

GLENN. His death was unexpected and heartbreaking, and he had our hearts since the day he stuck his neck out to save our officer friendly. His optimism and tracking skills were exceptional and would have made this final season even more impressive.

T-DOG. His character provided comic relief. He had a unique personality, and his death was horrible, but it honored his character. He died while protecting Carol, and he will be forever missed.

DALE. We all need an older man to make us stick with our morals. Dale’s character was brilliant, and his mindset toward survival was thoughtful. When he suddenly dies from a walker attack, the group, despite their differences, is devastated. If he had survived, he would have continued his fight for moral high ground in a way no other survivor comes close to throughout the series.

CARL. He was a ray of sunshine from the very beginning. From being a helpless kid to becoming a ruthless teenager, his character arc was brilliant. When he departs from the series, he’s not a kid who needs saving but a powerful and able group member.

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