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The current week’s episodes of the ongoing ‘The Vampire Diaries’ sequel named ‘The Legacies’ serve as the epic reunion for several prominent characters from its prequel ‘The Originals.’

Michael Davis, who has played the role of ‘Marcel Gerard’ for the entire series, is reported to be seen on the show’s episode titled ‘Everything That Can Be Lost Can Also Be Found’ as his first appearance on the show. Claire Holt and Riley Voelkel are among the other returning guest stars that are said to return to the show to help the character of Danielle Rose Russell.

Davis is taken back to filming the foremost episode of his core show, ‘The Originals.’ He says that the memory is still settled in his head as it was quite a big moment for him and his career. He remembered having dinner with Joseph Morgan (who plays Klaus Mickelson) and Daniel Gillies (who plays Elijah Mickelson).

He remembers doing the rehearsals, and he remembers going to New Orleans. The description for Thursday’s episode says that Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) continues to drown in confusion and fight her humanity, resulting in her seeing the people that mean the most to her, Rebekah, Marcel, Kol, and Freya.

The Mickealsons intend to stop Hope from suppressing her humanity. Rebekah and Freya, however, have already tried their luck and unfortunately failed as the old ‘Original’ stars are making an appearance on the show.

A character that has been there since the beginning has recently exited. Josie Saltzman (played by Kaylee Bryant), the daughter of Alaric Saltzman and surrogate Caroline Forbes, has recently left the show.

Her exit was marked by the episode titled ‘I Can’t Be The One To Stop You.’

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