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In the recent interview by US President Donald Trump, he said on Tuesday that he is now planning to designate all Mexican drug cartels as a terrorist group. All these decisions cames after a vast number of Americans are getting killed due to the activities. 

The statement was given by him, and the comments made in the interview was posted online on the personal website of host Bill O Reilly. This all shows that there may be a shift in the United States policy. 

With all these are now coming up, when it was asked to a Mexican foreign minister named Marcelo Ebrard, he said that he couldn’t see this coming soon. 

As per Trump, he said that he is personally working about designating the Mexican drug cartels. He said that he is forming a process for the last 90 days, and all these things are not so easy, and it needs detail research as well. 

Why may the step be taken for them?

All these steps are now on the cards, and the real reason for that all is due to the deadly violence that is being caused by drug cartels, especially in Mexico. The incident is rising each day, and recently, nearly six children, along with three mothers, are killed. After that, it catches the eyes of the United States, and due to that, they are now trying to bring some law to keep a check on it. 

In his official Twitter account, he said that it is high time for Mexico now. They should take assistance from the USA and fight with these drug cartels and wiped them off from their land. It, too, will help in bringing a good change and a healthy environment in the future.  

But with all that, Trump has declined to say about the measures that he is thinking of going for it. 

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