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There are four kinds of forces that exist in the universe. But, when we speak about it, only one among them has a larger impact, and to no one’s surprise, it is the gravitational force. Though the electromagnetic and nuclear force is stronger than the gravitational force, in the long-distance, one can experience only gravitational force. The nuclear force only acts at a shorter range, at an atomic level. So, as a whole, only gravitational force matters when it comes to it. 

Mechanism of Universe

The universe is expanding, but the mechanism always remains controversial. Some think that it is expanding at a constant rate. While many believe that the rate of expansion is increasing with time. Recently, a group of scientists claimed that it expands at a constant rate, and they have the required logic to prove their claim. They also claim that the whole universe is perfectly fine-tuned. A human being only can survive in a fine-tuned universe, an expert revealed. 

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More about Universe

Some experts believe that the creation of this universe is the major cause behind the concept of the fine-tuned universe. At the time of creation, it had a perfect balance between all things that it was carrying. Additionally, the initial expansion rate was optimal for a perfect-tune universe. As a result, after so many years of expansion, it is carrying the initial perfect-tune property. 

One of the experts from this topic stated that science should fear the concept of perfect-tune, as is completely coincidental, and scientists hate coincidence. The best reasoning to explain the coincidence is to believe that there was an infinite number of outcomes, which means the existence of infinite universes. As our existence was possible in this-type of universes, we exist here.

The recent study strongly suggests the concept of the multiverse, and surprisingly they have their reasons to prove it. 

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