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The United States Department of Energy is going to launch a massive program for the recycling of plastic and keeping out the plastic waste from land and water bodies. The Energy Department is partnering with the private sector to accomplish a huge task. The secretary of the Energy Department, Rick Perry, revealed the project called ‘Plastics Innovation Challenge’ on Thursday. The program will mark the end of Ricky Perry’s era, as he is leaving his post on the 1st of December, owing to the impeachment investigation. 

In his statement, Perry stressed innovative technology to tackle the issue. The department will use its resources to develop an advanced recycling platform through the Plastics Innovation Challenge program. The recent launch of the project shows the different approaches from the Trump administration to tackle the environmental problem. Trump is a believer in technology-driven solutions with the co-operation of the private sector rather than the mandate and regulation-driven solutions. 

The reasoning behind Such Move

Though the positive aspect of the development forced everyone to praise, the devil resides deeper. President Trump has an ugly history with the environment. During his tenure, the United States withdrew from the Paris Climate Treaty. He often refuses to admit that climate change is real. But, on the other hand, the environmental awareness among the Americans grew significantly. As a result, President Trump faced criticism from various news outlets and ordinary citizens. 

As 2020 is a Presidential election year, President Trump is trying to pull a big mass of votes from the educated society of the United States through this initiative. Trump administration also launched several environmental projects in a short period, such as preventing lead in drinking water, cleaning up toxic waste sites, and currently, oceans cleaning and plastic recycling. 

The official also claimed that the Americans have no role in problem creation, but the leadership of the United States has the potential for a specific solution. 

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