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The Third and Best Cosmic Kiss of the Year: Venus to Move Past Jupiter on Sunday

Image Credit: Forbes

In a rare development, two of the planets of the solar system, Jupiter and Venus, are about to meet in the night sky on Sunday. People all around the world can enjoy the rarest event, scientists confirmed. Both the planets will be 1.5 degrees apart from each other and can be seen in the southwest sky. Among the two, Jupiter will position on the higher side, during Venus in the lower front. Both of the planets will be visible in naked eyes or with even low powered binoculars. 

The spectacular scene can be observed just 30 to 60 minutes after the sunset. People can enjoy the sight until these planets go below the horizon. In astronomy, the event is called a conjunction. This is the third instance in the year when people can enjoy the sporadic event, where the two planets came as close as within three degrees. Previously, Venus and Jupiter came close in January, and Venus and Saturn were extremely close in February. Though these two planets separated by millions of kilometres, the views from our planet make all the difference. A giant asteroid belt comes between the two worlds, as well. 

No Need to Worry If You Missed the Event

If someone misses the rare sight due to lack of information or bad weather condition, no need to worry, the two planets will remain to stay close over the week. So, one can enjoy the excellent sight after the sunsets every day this week. But, the more you late, the planets will move apart further. The next conjunction is expected to be seen on the 11th of December when Venus will come close to Saturn. 

Two of the brightest object on the sky, except the moon, will move past each other, will make the event even more impressive. Scientists termed the conjunction as cosmic kiss, where Venus will touch past Jupiter, the most giant planet in the solar system. 



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