Pubg #Faug Is Confirmed
source: Dna india

Pubg #Faug Is Confirmed

The comeback of the pubg is still uncertain in India but the rival of the Pubg #Faug Is Confirmed in India that is Fau-G has a launch date i.e. 26th of January 2020. The game’s developer has not only announced the launch date but also given a video related to the game that defines the game, combat styles, and weapons.

In an official tweet, it clearly stated that the handler of the Fau-g the ncore games have tweeted about the launch of the game. The game is to launch on the 26th of January that will be the festive day of the country as on 26th Jan the republic day of India is celebrated. The company always hopes to lunch the games on the festive days of a country in order to attract the audience.

The video or the teaser released of the game shows the bravery of the Indian Soldiers. the game shows the first fight of the Indian Soldiers with the Chinese at the Galway Valley or the Loc of Ladakh. The concept shows that this will be the first mission that a gamer has to finish in order to reach the next generation. The result of the war was that 20 soldiers were martyred at that time, but in this game might there be a twist and the game will prove to be a bravery symbol for those 20 soldiers.

Now we come to the gameplay and combat of the Fau-G

The game video of the game provides the launch date of the game. In the game, the gamer gets an advantage in the starting that the game is going to provide the firearms and the clubs. A gamer just not to combat with the arms. The Ak-47s will be provided only after a few levels or maybe from the start.

The UI of the game is shown below by which you will get more clarified about the game.

 Pubg #Faug Is Confirmed
source: beebom

One of the drawbacks of the Fau-g is that it will not be a royal game like Pub-G. As if you are in hopes that the game will be the same as pub-g then you are in a big mistake. Some of the sources confirm that the battle royal mode of the game will be launched but after many weeks and there is no surety of the game.

The registration for the game was officially announced during the Dussehra, and the registration was started by the gurupurab. Now the game has crossed a million registrations till the new year and still, the people are registering for it. The official link for the registration is given below or you can also visit the Twitter account of the ncore games in order to register for the same.

Pre-register now Launch

One more drawback is that the game is accessible only on android mobile phones and the company has not officially given the date for the announcement of the game on the IOS devices. So the IOS users will face the problem or we can say that it is bad luck for them.
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