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Climate change is affecting every possible ecosystem on the earth, and the ocean ecosystem is not any exception. A recent study suggests that the ecosystem is struggling due to a lack of oxygen. 

IUCN recently released a vast report on the sensitive issue. The report combines the study of 67 scientists from 17 different countries. On Saturday, researchers tabled the report at the ongoing global climate summit in Madrid. The report suggests that the oxygen amount reduced by 2% in the ocean ecosystem since 1950. 

Researchers projected some numbers to showcase the effects of the changed volume. In 1960, around 45 sites were suffering from low oxygen levels. The number increased to as high as 700 at the beginning of this decade. 

IUCN Study

The study suggests that heat is the major factor contributing to the loss of oxygen. More than 50% of the oxygen loss is from the upper portion of the ocean, owing to the increased temperature in recent times.

If the rate of releasing nutrients to the ocean remains the same and, governments do not take appropriate actions against climate change, the oxygen percentage in the ocean would reduce by 3% to 4% by 2100, scientists predict. 

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The Two Biggest causes

Scientists find two major causes behind such a dangerous oxygen falling rate. The first and foremost is global warming. As humans are using fossil fuels extensively, the carbon emission is increasing rapidly. As there are more carbon and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the temperature f the atmosphere is increasing, and so is the temperature of the oceanic surface. 

The second major concern is the growth of the algae population on the surface of the ocean. As more amount of fertilizers, nitrogen waste, and animal waste are coming to the ocean, the lifespan and population of the algae increased significantly. This increased population leads to a lack of oxygen in the ocean. 

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