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‘The Nun 2’ Teaser Trailer to Be Shown at CinemaCon 2022

Image Credit: Warner Bros

Earlier today Warner Bros. Pictures took to the main stage at the CinemaCon, debuting and releasing the new details about their movie plans for the future and coming along off with some fresh footage of the upcoming releases. The studio has also debuted a series of sizzle reels of projects that are currently in the works, including the logos for the films that are in the works, and among them was the confirmation that “The Nun 2” is happening very soon. It seems likely to happen that this will be the next entry in The Conjuring Universe franchise as no other pre-planned movies have been announced.

It was previously hinted by one of the stars of “The Nun” movie that the momentum was picking up on a sequel. Speaking in an interview with THR earlier this year, “Taissa Farmiga” (who is the younger sister of the franchise star “Vera”) confirmed that there indeed have been discussions.

“There have definitely been whisperings and talks in the entire last year,” she had said. “But the pandemic had indeed affected everything including the filming and so on. So I heard the mentions of it back in the fall, and then there were talks of potentially trying to see what my availability was like. But I also hadn’t seen a script. So I haven’t heard of anything definitive so far or anyone says, ‘Hey, this is going now.’ So I do not know, but I would love to go back and visit Sister Irene sometimes. It has been years now.”

Considering the seven movies that have currently made up “The Conjuring Universe” so far, it might surprise the readers to learn that “The Nun” was actually the highest-grossing out of all.



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