Android 12 The all-new version of the ANdroid to launch in the next month will be March 2021
source: Android police

As we all know that google’s latest version of the Android, the Android 11 has become outdated nowadays or in comparison to the iOS14. So, the sources reveal that Google is planning to launch the New Android version as Android 12 in the next month which will be March 2020. The sources reveal the information from Google’s early draft of the internal document meant for partners has leaked online.

The first thing which is reported by the XDA developers is about the change in the notification panel the panel this time is to be an opaque background that respects the wallpaper’s accent instead of having the transparent notification shade. Now the next change is to the date and time in the notification panel the sources state that date and time will be shifted to the left corner instead of the right corner and moreover, now only 4 options will be shown on the simple dropdown instead of the 6 options.

Now talking about the camera and the mic indicators on the Android 12

The sources state that now the notification panel of accessing the mic and the camera by an app will be shown in the upward bar than in the drop-down bar and the user just hast has to click on the icon of the camera or the mic in order to give access to them in relation to an app when the user installs in the phone. Moreover, the same thing is made by the iOS 14 in the recent month so in competition to that Android 12 is also made like that only.

Now talking about the privacy options states that Android 12 may improve the privacy settings in relation to the use of the camera and the mic in relation to an app for user satisfaction and safety.

Moreover, there is also a welcome change in the new Android version that will be used by the toggle settings in the settings window and I hope that many of us don’t know about the toggle settings so don’t worry and just continue to read the article as it will solve all your problems.

Now talking about the conversation widgets, it claims that now the notification panel of the Android 12 will be having all the widgets displaying the information in context to the functions on the mobile phone. The user has to just slide down the notification bar and can see all the functions that are performed till now whether it is a message or anything else.

That’s all was the article about the new upcoming version of the Android, the all-new Android 12.



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