iOS 14.5
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With the rolling out of the iOS 14.5 in the market, there were the features of the new iOS that were revealed but there are some of the day-to-day updates in the new iOS that might remain unrevealed to the users. So, here is one out of many that were under testing, and after the test of it is out in the market. The feature will help in the longevity of the older iPhones than in the new iPhones.

According to the testings of the galaxy reporters, one thing is confirmed that iOS 14.5 includes the options of separate toggles for security and regular updates. The main here is that the older iPhones will get security updates automatically without installing the additional firmware for the updates of the older iPhone.

Moreover, the iPhone’s software tends to have a certain lifespan before the company launches an updated and in this case the iOS 14.5, it can handle the older phones up to the year 2015 that includes 6s. And here comes the negative part that due to the computational functioning of the older iPhones there is no need to update the latest version of the iOS as the latest version will not be compatible with the older functioning of the iPhone.

And due to the update in the iPhone of the older versions might the iPhones work slowly and due to the problems that will arise every moment users might change the device and buy new phones whether the iPhone or competitors’ mobile phones.

Moreover, by separating the security updates from the firmware it is pretty much possible to get updates to the older versions for more security rather than buying the new iPhone. The concept of this is also new to Apple either. Otherwise, instead of this on the older versions of the laptops and the MacOS, it is pretty much clear that whether to update the regular updates or the user wants to go for the security updates.

According to the sources it is claimed that in order to update the new security features the users have to first uninstall or delete the older versions of the security features before installing the new ones. If the thing is true then the process would be unmanageable for the owners of the older iPhones. But the process is better instead of having the all security features altogether.

Although, at the moment iOS 14.5 is at the beta version and the main version or the parent version is still to be released in public. The launch is late as there is some of the ironing that is to be done by the Apple Engineers in the parent version of the iOs 14.

The launch date of the iOS 14.5 parent version is expected to be this year spring.






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