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The mechanism of the universe is complex. Recently, scientists spot multiple galaxies having no dark matter, which makes things confusing. The recent findings increased the number of discovered galaxies having no dark matter.

Dark matter is a highly mysterious particle. These matters are invisible. Dark matter exerts strong gravitational pull but does not emit any radiations, including light. Scientists believe that the dark matters were instrumental in the formation of the galaxy. It pulled the atoms of gas particles, due to the gravitational energy. As a result, stars and ultimately galaxy formed in the universe. 

Scientists already confirmed the existence of dark matter in the galaxy. Dark matter contains the majority mass of a universe — the first report of a galaxy with no dark matter circulated in 2018. In 2018, a research team led by Pieter van Dokkum, a researcher at Yale University, found a galaxy called NGC 1052, which was lacking in dark matter. After this remarkable discovery, many scientists located multiple galaxies having no or very less dark matter. According to a research paper, there are 19 discovered galaxies without any dark matter. Scientists took the help of a new and innovative technique called the H1 Rotation Curve to find out the dark matter-free galaxies. The results were more accurate in the new method, Till Sawala, a researcher at the University of Helsinki, revealed. He further stated that the research is nowhere near conclusive; therefore, more researches required to find out the exact cause or any possible mistake in the calculation of dark matter. 

More about the Dark Matter

Dark matter said to be the key to unveil the mechanism of the universe. The presence of these matters confirmed in most of the galaxies. Dark matters constitute around 85% of the total mass of the universe. Scientists believe that these matters could not be divided further. 

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