The iPhone 13 Displays
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According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, it is rumored that the new iPhone 13 will be having displays of OLED type that are being manufactured by a very famous display manufacturing company known as BOE.

The news claims that the company BOE will be working with GIS which is already a part of Hon Hai Group in order to develop OLED panels. Moreover, earlier the rumors about the iPhone 12 also suggest the same that BOE will manufacture the displays of iPhone 12 but nothing like that happen. BOE failed to make the production of the OLED displays for Apple as something went wrong on the mass production and with that their shipment for the displays gone wrong and the shipment also delayed due to the same. Moreover, BOE also failed the validation test for the displays that they provide to Apple.

Moreover, with all this, on the other hand, Samsung ended up shipping the panels for the higher-end iPhone 12 and 1 mini and with this, the LG displays made the panel for standard 6.1-inch ‌iPhone 12.

The BOE yield rate was around 20% when they signed the contract with Apple which was not up to the mark of device the Apple device needs to get differentiated from the competitors. With this, there came a rumor that BOE was working in the yield rate in order to reach the Apple device compatibility that Apple was using for but till the end of November, BOE didn’t reach the mark and the contract with Apple was canceled.

With all this, a report from “‘The Elec” claimed that Apple might recall BOE for the manufacturing of the displays with the OLED which is going to be manufactured by BOE. And with this Apple might manufacture some of the iPhone 12 with the OLED displays manufactured by BOE and the new iPhone 13 devices. But at last, the thing will only execute if BOE reached the target of the Apple yield range.

With this, the Economic Daily News also claims that BOE’s manufacturing of displays has come closer to Apple and the first manufacturing firm will be in the Korean cities in which they will start that. The news also claims that BOE has passed all the validation tests and till now the company has started manufacturing a small number of displays of the iPhone 12. Moreover, with some rumors, it is also suggested that BOE could win some of the orders for the display.

That’s all was the expected rate for the BOE manufacturing displays for Apple new device iPhone 13



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