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Mark the date; today, the earth is going to witness the last full moon in this decade. All the number of lovers are excited about the recent full moon, as it has a deep relationship with the number 12. Coincidently, the full moon is coming on the 12th of December (12/12). The American Space Agency- NASA confirmed that the full moon would come at 12:12 a.m. at midnight. 

People called the December’s full moon as the Long Night Moon or cold moon. A full moon usually comes once in a month, when the moon’s light overpowered all the existing light sources in the night sky. NASA claimed that Europeans named the last moon of the year as Long Night Moon. This day marks the beginning of the winter season, and the night period is going to be longer and darker.

The full moon is special as it is the longest full moon of the year 2019. NASA confirmed that the effect of the full moon is going to stay for a whopping 14 hours and 58 minutes. 

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About Last Full Moon

Though the last full moon of the year brings a smile to millions of faces, everyone is not happy about it. The upcoming full moon collides with the Geminid Meteor Shower, a highly awaited celestial event of the year. Geminid Meteor Shower event scheduled on the very next day of the full moon day. The meteor shower is one of the biggest meteor showers of this year. NASA predicts that observers could see as high as 120 shooting stars per hour. But, many experts predict that observers will miss most of the shooting stars, owing to the effects of the full moon. 

Scientists ask everyone to move outside the city to eliminate smog, dust, and light pollution. One of the scientists associated with this development predicted that people would able to watch only 20 shooting stars per hour. 

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