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Telescopes are becoming instrumental for space exploration. The increased resolution and massive observational power of the new generation telescope are helping the scientists to acquire more information about the exoplanets and different galaxies. In a recent study, a team of astronomers used such a powerful telescope to study more about our galaxy Milky Way. The study suggests that the central portion of the galaxy experienced a massive series of stars birth. 

The study carried out by an international team, having members from all around the world. They took the help of HAWK-I imager attached to a very large telescope. The study also reveals that there was a massive scale starburst at the center of our galaxy, around a billion years ago. They revealed that the burst was so massive that it resulted in more than 1,00,000 supernova outburst. The recent study contradicts the previously perceived popular assumption. 

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More about the formation of Stars

Previously, scientists assumed that the stars in our galaxy, Milky Way, formed continuously, but the recent study strongly rejected the assumption. The new study revealed that most of the stars formed from very few bursts. The research team reveals that about 80% of the stars at the center of the galaxy are present from the early age of the galaxy. They also confirmed that most of these stars formed around 8 to 14 billion years ago. In the next six billion years, very few amounts of stars formed in the region, the research team claimed. The dry period ended just before a billion years ago when another burst created around 5% of the existing stars. 

The development in telescope technology helped the scientists to a great extent in the recent discovery, one expert related to the matter revealed. The study observed around three million stars at the center of the galaxy, the team revealed. 

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