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Season 1 of The Flight Attendant followed the same route as the novel by Chris Bohjalian. Season 2 of the HBO Max dramedy, however, ventures into new territory.

While the first season deals with Cassie’s relationship with her father, Season 2 will reunite with her estranged mother, played by none other than Sharon Stone.

But not everything has changed. Cassie is still jet-setting across the world as a flight attendant. Only now, she is also serving as a civilian asset for the CIA, keeping tabs on the agency’s marks. But will a mission in Berlin ruin her new life in the City of Angels? Read on for a recap of “Seeing Double.”

Cassie, who happens to be in the vicinity of the blast, loses consciousness and ends up hallucinating about the same Bangkok hotel room as before. However, instead of Alex, Cassie faces different versions of herself this time, including the party girl over a year ago.

Cassie’s friends, Max and Annie, visit her in Los Angeles. Annie is there for a job interview, but she completely ruins it in episode 2.

Cassie initially suspects that Grace is the woman with the moth tattoo. She tries to find more about Grace, only to arrive at a dead end. However, Gabrielle seems like someone who can be the mysterious woman in Will’s hotel room. With a wig, glasses, and a flight attendant outfit, she just might fool a hotel employee into believing that she is Cassie.

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