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Upon taking a peek into the state of the Universe at the greater level, it is all about gravity; that’s the only point. Though the nuclear forces, as well as the impact of the electromagnetic forces among the particles, are numerous, different levels of degree greater than the gravitational force, they can’t count at the greater cosmic level.  

It’s all about gravity:

Taking the Universe entirely into account, it’s the gravity that plays the role. Expansion of the Universe occurs the way it has been in the past; there is no variation in it at all. For a couple of reasons, the laws of gravity and the entire form of energy that is there in the Universe, is not changing. In case things were even mildly varying in nature than the way it is, no one would exist.   

The unbelievable balance: 

The Universe is quite neutral electrically. Here a single electron holds the ability to rubbish the charge of each proton within the Universe. Moreover, the extent of the nuclear forces is much shorter in comparison, being ineffective to go across the atomic nucleus scale. 

For example, if someone comes across with a slim and straight solid spire on the planet, and one has to put the other rock over it, it’s quite natural to expect it to stand straight or get down to one side. However, practically, it standing straight without getting hindered looks close to impossible. Only if the configuration at all level remains balanced, the possibility is there, which is beyond the human brain. Technically, these are called the states of unstable equilibrium. Indeed, there is a strong mass beneath, rather than something a force controlling from the above. Ultimately, it’s the beauty and charisma of nature. It’s so complex the forces associated that look beyond human perception or brain.   

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